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Culinary Team Building Events

Food Tour Corporation is proud to bring a variety of Team Building activities, both tours and events - created in conjunction with sister company 4Lobe. Regardless of your groups needs, our staff can customize a fun team building activity that encourages camaraderie, teamwork, healthy competition, and fun.

Food Tours and culinary events lend themselves as a perfect compliment to corporate team building activities. Over the past decade, we have noticed an increasing demand for events that enable clients to work together to achieve a goal within a situation that brings them out of their traditional comfort zone.

Together with 4Lobe Events, Food Tour Corp has worked to conceptually redefine the boundaries of teambuilding and consequently, infuse traditional and culinary based team building events together.

No longer are tours the only option; culinary events including our popular, award winning, culinary challenges are at your disposal.

Please contact us at info@foodtourcorp.com or by phone at 877.406.3446 to speak with our team about the latest series of innovative culinary team building options.