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Pub and Bar Crawls

Our Pub Crawls are held in historic neighborhoods in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. The neighborhoods have distinctly different styles, yet boast some of the best and most diverse nightlife in the Washington DC area.

Food ToursDuring our Pub Crawls, guests will sample appetizers at selected stops while drinking their way through local pubs and bars in each neighborhood.

Throughout the Pub Crawl, your guide will test your knowledge with a series of trivia questions, giving you the opportunity to win free drinks, shots, and prizes. You will stay in each bar approximately 20 minutes.

Want to stay longer at certain bars? No problem. We can work to customize your tour to fit the needs and desires of your party.

If you want to enjoy a meal after the crawl, let us help select a restaurant and menu for you, and your guide will bring you there upon completion of the tour.

Pub Crawl Details

To reserve your pub crawl, please email us at info@foodtourcorp.com