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Culinary Events

Food Tour Corporation, in cooperation with sister company 4Lobe events, plans and executes a variety of culinary-based events throughout North America.

When adding culinary events to our corporate repertoire, we wanted to ensure the best experience possible achieving the level of excellence we strive for when developing our Food Tours. Our sister company, 4lobe, is focused on the utilization of all parts of the brain; artistic, analytic, creative, and organized to develop world-class events.

On all our events, we emphasize unparalleled professionalism, creativity, attention to detail and customer care when planning and executing special events, whether they are corporate, individual, or group.

Food Tour Corporation and 4Lobe work jointly at each of our locations, with planners, liaisons, and managers that understand the FTC way. Our planners work with venues of all types to offer a variety of events. From 'Iron Chef' inspired team-building challenges to hands-on cooking classes, we have something for every group.

All our Food Tours can be held as private events. If you are interested or want to receive more information, please email us at info@foodtourcorp.com for more information.